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Manulife Login for Western plan members to log in and gain authorized access to their detailed benefits information and data.

Out-of-Province/Canada Travel Medical Emergency Insurance

Eligible UWOFA members can receive additional emergency travel coverage beyond the $200,000 limit currently provided by Manulife.

This benefit is provided to regular full-time and eligible Tier 1A faculty members and eligible librarians and archivists.

If an incident or issue occurs while you are out of province/out of country, please call Manulife first. Contact information can be found on the back of your Manulife benefits card.

It is important that you read and understand your plan before you travel. You should carry your Manulife benefit card and the Viator card with you when you travel. Both cards contain the plan and certification numbers and the toll free emergency travel assistance telephone numbers.

Flex Credits

Health Care Spending Account and your Professional Expense Reimbursement Account

Professional Expense

Professional Expense Reimbursement Claim Forms - Full-time Faculty

Professional Expense Reimbursement Claim Forms - Part-time Faculty

Professional Expense Reimbursement Claim Forms - Librarians and Archivists

Professional Expense Reimbursement Lookup

Financial Services has developed a quick lookup so Members can lookup the unspent balance on their Professional Expense Reimbursement. Members will be taken to Western's Financial page where they will need to log in using their Western user ID and password. Once logged in, choose "Employee Self-Service", then "Professional Expense." All entitlements and claims since 2006 are displayed.

Dependents' Tuition Scholarship Plan

Subject to plan conditions, spouses and dependent children of Faculty holding a regular full-time continuing appointment and Librarians and Archivists holding probationary or continuing appointments are eligible to receive tuition scholarships for university courses taken for credit towards a degree (undergraduate, professional or graduate) at a recognized university, national or international, for a maximum of four years full-time or equivalent (20 full-time courses). Upgrading courses at the Faculty of Education are not eligible. Tuition scholarships are available for courses in a formal program of study leading to a degree or diploma at a Community College that is a member of the Colleges and Institutes Canada. Non-Canadian universities must be recognized as having university standing by Western Admissions.

  • Value: $4,900.00 for 2017-2018
  • Application Deadline: June 30, 2018

2017-2018 Dependents' Tuition Scholarship Plan Application Form

FAQ - Dependents' Tuition Scholarship

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